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The · Beauty · of · Simplicity

When time and space are through, I'll be found in You.

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Just so you know, I still check my LJ & read your updates, but I'm on blogger now. Find me at www.hnouchris.blogspot.com

See ya sweets!

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What a whirlwind the last week has been. It's kinda been an emotional roller coaster of sorts in just a week. Chris hasn't been feeling very well and that's been a little stressful in dealing with because he doesn't have health insurance for the time being so he can't really get checked out... and so knowing me, I worry... and worry... and worry... and when I worry, I cry... and cry... sooo yeah. We're okay, though, but there's just a lot on our plates for the new year coming up and it seems to be piling up some. It's all about perspective, I suppose. There's a lot of transitioning going on in the areas of work and just our wedding planning and all that.

I'm also getting sick. I think I caught it from Cheng since he's been hacking and coughing and blowing his nose. Germs-city it has been at the house. Blehhh. My throat feels better, but just a couple days ago, it felt completely raw everytime I just yawned. Gahh... it was horrific, but I did take something for it and it's not as raw today, just really dry.

As far as wedding news goes-- we're pretty much set on the date and the church (previous post)-- well, technically the church is still in progress as it has to pass with their board, but I was told it shouldn't be a problem in having it be okay. The invites and Save The Date-s will be all DIY by yours truly and my sisters. We'll be starting those in December and the Save the Date-s will be going out in January. We start our pre-marital counseling in January! Chris will be out here January 9-11! So I get to see my Baby for a few days. We got a really good deal for the ticket as well. That's the low-down for now.

Maybe some of you guys can help us out? We're looking at opening a checkings account/savings account/credit card that comes with cash back/rewards, but not be charged a service charge for it or just a minimal charge. I'm currently with Wells Fargo, but they'd charge $12/month just to use that service (everytime you swipe your check card you get points) and he's with WAMU, but we don't have WAMU in MN so I can't make deposits. Suggestions?

Thanksgiving is just in a couple days. I can't believe it though. Where did 2008 go???

Oooh! Also, I get to start my Christmas presents soon. I'm so excited about it! I can't tell you what it is yet, but if you want one-- whatever it is and I don't currently have your info, email me *you lurkers-- you know who you are*

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you guys in the next couple days though :)
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First off, apologies for the lack of updates. It was kinda quiet and then it became quite a whirlwind... BUT things are AMAZING right now.

Yes, Chris and I got engaged!! Chris' flight was scheduled to be here last Friday early morning (as far as I knew) and my parents were flying out to California that Thursday night. When planning his visit, I began thinking that this might be it, but dismissed the idea when it turned out that my parents would be out of town and I knew he wanted to talk to my dad before proposing. Sooo before my siblings and I took my parents to the airport, we all ended up going out to dinner and Chris told me to call him when I got home since he'd be packing. After dinner and dropping my parents off, I decided to throw in my laundry and lounge around until I was tired enough to go to bed since I hardly ever sleep the night before Chris' flight comes in. I called him to see what he was up to and if he was done packing. He said he wanted to get on Skype for a bit and I said we could in a little bit, but then he said he had to go since Arliss was on his way to pick him up from the airport. Chris told me to go check on my laundry and call him right back. I kinda sighed and kept telling him "WHY?? I just threw it in there." and he just kept telling me to check it and call him back since Arliss was gonna be there. Soooo, I walked towards the laundry room and when I passed the front door, I heard a little knock at the door. I looked out the side window and didn't see anyone and was little like "whatever" since it was about 10 pm. I started to walk away, but heard it again and decided to open the door. What do you know, there Chris was on one knee with the ring in his hand.

I started crying and laughing and my heart was pounding so loudly-- I have no idea how long I kept asking him if he was kidding and what he was doing there and when he got in. haha. He finally said, "Baby, you haven't answered, will you marry me?" I said yes a million times. haha. He actually set up a camera and has the proposal taped-- he also showed it to his family and it made his parents cry.-- haha, cute.

It turns out, he had actually flown into town that Thursday morning and had met with my dad right after he flew in. They apparently talked for 2 hours or so and my dad gave Chris his blessing if I said yes. We usually email each other all day when we're at work, but he told me that his email server was down so I didn't bother to ask or was even suspicious. I was just looking for the day to go faster at work since I was DYING to see him the next morning!

We're really excited and have decided on September 19th, 2009 as the wedding date. I had my first wedding dress shopping trip today at the Melissa Sweet/Priscilla of Boston boutique. Gah!! I found the dress I would LOVE to have, but it's about $4,000 and I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a dress yet.

We've started looking at churches and reception sites. We want to get married in a church and then have an outside reception. Since my dad's a pastor, he knows a lot of other pastors and church board members that could really help with getting a cheaper price for renting a church. We've been able to set a rough budget and have picked our wedding party as well. Oh! and we've selected colors! I know, it all seems really fast and like we're rushing, but to be honest, I want all these major details out of the way ASAP so when spring/summer of 2009 comes, the major detail that will need working out is where we'll be living after the wedding rather than things for the wedding itself. Oh yeah, I'll be moving to SoCal and Chris will be moving out of the house that he currently shares with Scott and Luis.

The rest of the visit was also AMAZING. We just enjoyed being engaged and sharing it with my family-- we'll do it soon with his-- I have to fly out there soon. My parents love him and so do my siblings. My nieces and nephew-- gah, cutest thing EVAR with him. And everyone is so excited for us and we're so thankful. We're gonna do this the right way.

I know I've wanted this for so long, but now that it's here, it's REALLY here happening so fast and I'm so excited, but a little anxious and scared about moving that far from everything familiar. Gah! Less than a year from now, I'll be Mrs. Christopher John Gonzalez!

Gah, I love this man.



the ring:

I'll get better ring pictures and stuff uploaded soon.

Oh yeah, and today was the first "snowfall"-- it didn't stick but it sure came down! Too soon for snow!!
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I'm engaged!

Details soon!

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just haven't had much time to update on anything.

Ohhhh where can I buy more time??

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I envy you guys who are so good at updating. I really need to get into the habit of writing again.

Life has been busy. Chris' visit was nice, but not long enough. I'm back to missing him like crazy all over again. *sigh*

Work has picked up and I'm actually being placed into my OWN office! Yay! Kinda playing project coordinator/manager now, too. Awesome!

I'll update soon with deets. Toodles.

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Okay, so I've been really horrible at updating. Work's been busy and also, I've taken up summer reading. Hah, I even have "geeky" lunches where I sit and just read at the park on my lunch break. Gah, I love it. lauraaudrey also introduced me to Good Reads so I've been trying to stock my bookshelf with tons of books to dive into! Thanks Laura! ;)

Anyway, guess what??? Chris will be here next Wednesday!! I'm so excited! We've planned Valley Fair for Wednesday, Mall of America for Thursday, a date night for Friday-- possibly a double date with Rachel & TMY if she's in town, a fancy-dressed-up date on Saturday night-- we're thinking Benihana, Dark Knight at the IMAX theater on Sunday, & then our final day together until next time. Oh I've missed him.

Hli and I are getting into the stocking up of recipe books and trying out different recipes and types of food. I love it! Growing up in a family of 7, cooking was kind of always a chore almost with tons of dishes and stuff to clean up after, but I've grown to love it!--I love playing hostess as well (Hli says it's cause I'm so bossy... but I like to think of it as being "good at delegating" :P) and can't wait to do it when Chris and I get married and stuff. That'll be different for me-- having to re-adjust my cooking ways to just cooking for 2 instead of 6 or 7. My mom's theory has stuck with me to this day-- it's better to have "too" much than to not have enough-- hence my overly dramatic sized dishes sometimes... :\ I'm looking forward to it, nonetheless!

Anywho-- what's crackin?
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So I'm thinking I should probably update yeah?

Vacation was 3 weeks ago (!). It was pretty good for the most part though I now remember why road trips aren't very often-- haha. We were in car more often than not and that caused some annoying things to happen, but again, things were pretty good. In MI, it was really good seeing everyone that I hadn't seen in YEARS! I've skipped out on going to MI when everyone else went so I haven't been there in probably 8 years or so. All the old ladies were all "Ohhh! You've grown up to be so pretty!" haha. We finally got to hang out with Aong a little more and finally meet her parents and a couple of her sisters. She's the sweetest. I have a few pictures that perhaps I'll get around to posting at some point. The previous post is the picture that my sisters and I took while at a wedding in MI-- it was while the bride and groom were doing their speeches. My grandma looked over and was like "uhh what are you guys doing?" cause we have scrunch faced pictures as well. haha.

So this last week was my 1st week at the new job. I'm now a part of the TBSOA team as the service department coordinator. Pretty much I'm in charge of the techs and they're also starting me with knowing the leasing contracts for office equipment. TBS is a company that services businesses, big or small, with fax machines, copiers, and printers. It was pretty surprising finding who some of their clients are. It's been a challenge to learn the new system because the database is so huge, but for the most part, as long as I can get to the screen that I need, I figure out the process okay if I play with it a little. There are 13 people there in all so it's a little different for me to be a part of a smaller company, but I do like it so far.

Leaving RES was a good move for me, but I miss my co-workers. Tae, Cristina, and I met up for drinks and dinner last night which was pretty good. All week, Brady had been saying that he would show up, but I didn't think he would. He did. With a present for me. Which were pink Chuck Taylors! That was sweet. He showed up with a beer in hand when we got our checks and Cristina left, but Tae and I hung out with him for awhile. Kathy had to work, Scott and Heidi had plans, and Mike couldn't make it, but I saw them earlier that day since I stopped by on my lunch. *sigh* I do miss working with them, but I can't wait for bigger checks!! haha.

I can't believe June is on it's way out already! Eeep! But that means I only have a couple more weeks till Chris is out here!! -- July 23-28th!! Yaaaaaay! We're already planning Valley Fair for a night and then seeing The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater! I'm excited! I miss him.
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